Shit on my mind!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010 5:26 PM By Simon , In , , , ,

I need these things!

Zooey Deschanel to play a Groupie to the Greats in an HBO pilot! Basically Almost Famous, but she's Kate Hudson this time around!

Christina Ricci is now in Robert Pattinson's upcoming Bel Ami, about a guy sleeping his way to the top! Stop screaming, you nerds!

End of the world!

The Woman in Black to be a movie! By Eden Lake person Susan Hill!

Hey, comedy-horror-fantasy book lovers! Have you had your Christopher Moore today!?!

MacGyver suing MacGruber! God help us all!

'We Are The World' really is a terrible song! I don't care how well-meaning it is!

I'm feeling nostalgic for Kiki Palmer books! Go read them!

Andy Warhol's Blowjob getting a live soundtrack! Good for him!

I have to come up with my own god/goddess for school! He shall be God of the Apocalypse, who will have me prepared for all worst-case scenarios! The Road! Night of the Living Dead! Zombie Haiku! 28 Days Later! The Oblivion Society! Epoch! Have I missed any!?! Fuck, I don't wanna do homework!

Who else is sick of Tim Burton's schtick!?!


A happy birthday indeed...