Friday, January 29, 2010 4:50 PM By Simon

Well, my many, many readers, I started out today in a bad mood. Downright sour. I peg it for an early-onset existential crisis, in which I question my existence, my purpose, and do my own version of dying my hair black and reading My Chemical Romance linear notes. To top off, my new Film and Video class has been tasked with creating our own Thaumatropes (Google it), I have a project due next Friday, a paper due Monday, I didn't have the five dollars it would've taken to buy my very own copies of Raising Arizona (classic Nicholas Cage, aka the only good kind) and Young Frankenstein, and I am forced to choose between Broken Embraces and A Single Man this weekend. And I've yet to see Whip It! Oh, me and my suburban woes.

But all is well now! For I have acquired the eponymous swag from my local library, which is usually as movie-stocked as a woodshop cabinet (tough tiddlyshits, sir, if you don't get that. If I can't understand my analogies, neither can you.) Well, technically it's not swag, just a couple of loaned DVDs, but shut up, give me my moment.

I will...surely speak of them shortly.