On Movie Bloggers...

Monday, February 8, 2010 3:41 PM By Simon , In ,

Some would suggest we (I can include myself in this group now, right?) are pretentious. That we are uppity windbags who don't enjoy movies so much as enjoy rubbing less-affluent moviegoers' noses in our supposed superior intellect.

Absoloutely true. Well, maybe not the 'only enjoy them to shame yous' part, but we are pretentious, and we do enjoy showing off our encyclopedic knowledge of French New Wave in youses faces. At least I do.

And I know I certainly am a windbag. But, you know what? Boo-fucking-hoo. If you are allowed to admonish me for not knowing who Paulie is, and what Mortal Kombat is, or not having a Twitter, or not knowing who the fucking Cardinals are, then I get to make you feel like shit for not knowing who Jim Jarmusch is. It is my god-given right as a citizen of these fantabulous United States of America.

Then again...we are insufferable...so, I declare a tie.


Tis a shame I couldn't find any good movie or flag scenes on google images...oh, well, at least I've filled my posting quota for the week. I'll see you on Wolfman day!