Thoughts on Women in Trouble

Monday, July 19, 2010 4:01 PM By Simon

-An enormous cast, children, and nothing about the movie is their fault.

-I won't give a synopsis, cause that ain't my business, yo. Just many interweaving stories of the eponymous Women in Trouble, almost all involving sex and pregnancies.

-This isn't very good. I mean, it is amusing, and pleasing enough, but there are too many characters. They are dropped and picked up at random, with some characters (Elektra Luxx and her fellow pornstars, the cheated-on therapist played fantastically by Sarah Clarke) particularly spotlighted, with others (Marley Shelton's wispy flight attendant, Josh Brolin's British rock star) are there to service the other's plotlines, one scene wonders that make for amusing anecdotes on top. Much too disorganized, much too into caricatures of women, with each of the six main ones representing a certain aspect of women in general: the porn star, all that noise.

-But as I said, the cast elevate the movie. Carla Gugino is awesomely sarcastic and dry as the seasoned porn star, now pregnant with the kid of Brolin's rock star (he's fine too, but really isn't given much). Adrianne Palicki is hilarious, a ditsy (fine, stupid) but sweet up-and-coming porn star who pukes every time she has to eat pussy, the sidekick of sorts to Emmanuelle Chriqui's coworker (and, I guess, call girl, but they never elaborate). Palicki, Gugino, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (name shows up in the credits very last, as in, a post-credits scene) have the funniest scene in the whole movie, and they're all great in it.

-Yes. Anyway. Isabella Gutierrez is a precocious, if at time grating, wise-beyond-her-years teenager of questionable maternity, and does well. Okay.

-The men are sidelined to cheating husbands, promiscuous rock stars, and porn website reporters (which just explains itself).

-They talked the Pythagorean theorem, I understood what they were saying. Good for me.

-Overall, you could do worse with a Saturday afternoon, but for a quick laugh, just skip past the credits.


Scare Sarah said...

The more in trouble they are the better for me.

July 20, 2010 at 5:05 AM