Friday, May 14, 2010 3:28 PM By Simon

Easy A has a real trailer! And it's awesome!

Okay, fine, typical 'nobody' set up is getting carelessly tossed aside, books a-flying. And that last line about Tom Cruise is, at best, cringe-worthy. But all is well! Because Emma Stone, and Amanda Bynes, and Stanley Tucci, and Patricia Clarkson, are teaming up to make me happy! Hells yeah!

(there's also a trailer for Adjustment Bureau, but ya'll have probably seen it already, and anyway, it doesn't have Emma Stone)

Sam Worthington is Alan Quartermain. Ugh.

Charlie Kaufman is maybe-writing the sequel to Kungo Fu Panda. Which is interesting.

The Transformers 3 cast is becoming more and more legit. Alan Tudyk suits the fuck up.

SHIELD to follow The Avengers movie. As long as David Hasselhoff stays away, I'm good.

Dario Argento, whose last few works have been dire, is making Dracula in--spoiler alert--3D.

Casey Affleck denies Joaquin Phoenix documentary is a hoax. World calls bullshit.

Brad Anderson making a serial-killer-with-amnesia movie. Whatever.

Seriously, where the fuck did The Playlist go?

Salmon Fishing in Yemen to star Ewan McGregor.


Ross McG said...

Amanda Bynes... never made a bad film

May 14, 2010 at 5:26 PM