Thoughts on Do You Like Hitchcock?

Sunday, August 22, 2010 5:45 PM By Simon

-A Hitchcock-obsessed film student who never actually goes to class finds himself in a Hitchcockian-like murder mystery, aping Strangers on a Train, Rear Window, Vertigo, et cetera.

-A made-for-TV movie with a shitload of nudity, but not much gore (only two onscreen deaths, one hilariously over-the-top, one going by in a blink).

-Entertaining, if formulaic, giallo movie. It's so weird, seeing all of Dario Argento's trademarks (except for the fantastical killings...these are rather tame and ordinary) in 2005...Italy?

-See, I can't tell the ethnicity of anything here. Most of the actors (including the dude from My Brother is an Only Child ) are Italian, but they have British accents, but they appear to be in Rome, based off the buildings and cars, and they pay in Euros, but they call elevators 'lifts', which I understand is an American thing...and then they watch a bit of Strangers on a Train, at least in audio, where the last line is now 'Hey, aren't you that famous golf player?' or something like that, and I'm all, hey, Farley Granger is a tennis player, that's not the last line at all!, and also, the voice is different, and now I'm wondering, maybe they just couldn't get the rights for the original dialogue, or something...

-Anyway. Acting surprisingly decent, considering it is: Argento, recent Argento, a TV movie, and a horror movie, none of which adds up to Oscar nominations.

-Who says 'Blue Velvet by David Lynch'? Is there some other Blue Velvet circulating the underground film scene, that you have to elaborate who, exactly, made the one you're talking about? That scene was so random.

-No character consistency, okay?