Thoughts on The Machine Girl

Tuesday, August 17, 2010 9:03 PM By Simon

Ami, a pacifistic Japanese schoolgirl, goes on a roaring rampage of revenge when her brother and his friend get killed by a group of bullie, led by a yakuza leader's son. Joining her are the parents of the friend, who give her a replacement arm when her own is cut off during her initial attempts.

-The cast here is prodimentely porn star, okay? There's Asami, a year younger the the titular character's actress, Minase Yashiro, yet, for some reason, plays the mother of a teenage boy. She's a famous AV Idol in Japan. Yashiro is a gravure model, which is a swimsuit model, I guess. Honoka, mother of Eval Bully and co-leader of the yakuza clan, is a former AV Idol. Basically, every female actress in this movie is of something to that nature. The men are either B-movie actors or don't have a Wikipedia page, and I can't be bothered to delve very far into IMDb. So you've been warned.

-Where did the opening scene go, I wonder? It's like the writer just completely forgot about it.

-I was surprised at the quality of this. I mean, yes, it was cheesy, over-the-top exploitation/gore advertised, but it's just a tiny bit better. The first half hour or so, when the brother is still in the picture, are pretty good, slow, but him and his ill-fated friend Takeshi are kind of amusing, and him and his sister are endearing to watch. After, the action is surprisingly creative, the effects laughably bad, but entertaining to watch. If you'll say anything about Yashiro, she plays Ami with absolute conviction, and for the most part gets the transition from sweet schoolgirl to homicidal killing machine (teehee) down almost seamlessly. Asami is...I'd say fine, but I think the language barrier would put me at a disadvantage, so let's just say she and the rest of the cast aren't so bad I can see without subtitles.

-Nonetheless, the repetitive scenes of limb severing and squirting arteries became boring by the final showdown, and Miki (Asami) and Ami's relationship detours were either going for emotional or softcore porno setup, either way, dragged.

-What's with everyone and machine gun limbs lately? I mean, I know they're so fucking awesome, but now they're influencing my fragile teen mind to cut off some limb I don't immediately need and raid a military base.


Alex said...

This movie is pretty awesome, I'd say. Improved by the fact that I saw it in a theater though. I'm up for RoboGeisha next, some day!

August 17, 2010 at 11:16 PM
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