Conversations during The Ten Commandments

Saturday, April 3, 2010 8:27 PM By Simon

So, today, me, my sister, and Parental were watching The Ten Commandments. Here are the highlights from during the parting of the red sea (because I can):

Danielle: How long can God part the Red Sea?
Me: God? Not long. Charlton Heston? Forever.

On screen, the ladies look on in exaggerated wonder as the sea parts. Me, Danielle, and Parental all make faces to this effect:


As everyone scuttles across the curiously shallow, flat, dusty, and dry former sea bottom, one rebel duck waddles stage right off screen.

Danielle: Wait, where the fuck's he going!?!
Me: Isn't that where the ocean is?
Danielle: You wacky duck!

The horses are getting crushed, poor dears.

Danielle: Why are the horses getting killed? Why are the horses always getting killed?
Erika: They're tragic figures.