Fridge Brilliance

Tuesday, April 13, 2010 8:15 PM By Simon

Fridge brilliance, for those not familiar with the archives of TV Tropes, is when an occurence in a movie, TV show, or whatever medium, seems innocuous or doesn't make sense, looks like a loophole, perhaps...and then you do some research, or think about too long, and then it not only makes sense, it's brilliant.

Let's take, for example, Oldboy. The scene at the beginning with the teenagers pushing Dae-su around? He's stuttering, and neither party seems to be making any sense of each other? You initially dismiss it as shellshock/mean-spiritedness. But then, looking into it a bit, you'll discover that, in the fifteen years Dae-su was imprisoned, the Korean language shifted significantly. Dae-su literally couldn't understand what the fuck they were saying (hence, my new catchphrase, 'dickshit'). Imagine living in Elizabethan England, then getting shot over to present day, or better yet, Sex Pistols, '77. You'd be goddamn confused too.

Really, I love Fridge Brilliance. So, here's a bit.