Saturday, April 17, 2010 10:07 AM By Simon

Sorry Kirsten Dunst, we hope your demise isn't too horrible in Lars von Trier's 'Melancholia'.

Bruce Lee's 'The Silent Flute' getting made. Evidentally, it'll be epic.

Eva Longoria Parker is in a horror flick called, yeah. Whatever.

Vera Farmiga, on a quest to be awesome, has joined the indie western 'A Thousand Guns'. She'll play a woman seeking revenge for her child's murder, while being bothered by a gypsy woman and a 'demonic gun'. It sounds very...Lynchian? Sam Raimi(an)? I don't know.

Jim Morrison is getting the Last Days treatment by Robert Saitzyk. In the late seventies, a famous musician named 'Jay Douglas', goes to Paris, 'negotiating complicated relationships with his California soulmate Valerie Eason' (ahem, Pamela Courson) 'and glamourous French countess, Clemence'. It will be called 'The Last Beat'.

Mighty Mouse getting remade by not-Andy-Kaufman-so-who-cares?

Sufjan Stevens' experimental short debut Destroy Those Irritating Memories.

Destroy Those Irritating Memories
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The Playlist has news regarding Vincent Gallo's new flick premiering at Cannes (this sounds...familiar), and a link to an interview he did where he, seriously, rips on everyone.

Zhang Yimou's adaption of period drama Hawthorn Tree Forever, as well as Thirteen Girls (which sounds a bit like the Chinese Inglourious Basterds), Tom Hanks, Cruise, and Brad Pitt are being eyed for supporting roles.

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. might be getting a movie again.

Greek film Dogtooth might actually be released. Which is good.

No One Knows About The Persian Cats

Very late, yes, but Zac Efron up for the remake of Swedish (they do seem to be hot property lately, don't they?) flick Snabba Cash, or Easy Money. He'll play a taxi driver/drug smuggler, one of three interconnected stories. I gotta say, ever since I found out he played young Simon in that one episode of Firefly, I'm a lot more interested in what he does. Bravo, sir.

Viola Davis joins Emma Stone in the 1960s Mississippi drama 'The Help'.

Have a nice Saturday, I'm going to see Kick-Ass.


Robert said...

Get me to that Vera Farmiga movie right now.

April 17, 2010 at 8:49 PM