Oscars and other shit

Monday, March 8, 2010 1:45 PM By Simon

Patrick Fugit, who's just adorable, will be starring in a TV show...with Debra Messing. Shit.

A sequel is in the works for Midnight Run. It's not a remake, so count your blessings, folks.

The Oscars...meh. The better of the last ten, at least...but I did enjoy Jon Stewart's stints. Baldwin and Martin were professional enough to make the bad jokes land, but we still have that sense of smug self-congratulatory...ness all the time. Cameron Diaz is given way more credit as a comedian than she deserves, and seeing the Ben Stiller bullshit made me want to see the nixed Sasha Baron Cohen thing even more. Robert Downey Jr. and Tina Fey were lovely. The annoying 6 Degrees of Seperation thing they had going with all the Big Acting awards was unbearable, save for maybe Colin Ferrall, who I kinda love from a distance (In Bruges=instant pass). I almost broke my TV from shear force of hatred when Sandra Bullock won...I don't hate her, exactly, because I do find her very funny in interviews and whathaveyou, and it was pretty awesome of her to go accept her Razzie, I just really, really, really hated The Blind Side, and wish they nominated Star Trek or something. It doesn't sit well with me, rewarding someone for a comparitively good performance. Her speech was fine.

I loved how, before the last commercial break, the announcer was basically all "Who will win Best Director: The first female in history, the first black man in history, or those other three white guys who have lots of money." I kinda wanted James Cameron to win then, just to see the awkward, uncomfortable applause, everybody feeling bad cause they coulda made history, man. Oh, well, seeing Kathryn Bigelow flip Cameron off with her eyes (I like to think) was just fine. Also: I like to think Bigelow was thinking "Try to get this in the settlement, bitch." Or something to that effect.

Hey...wouldn't it be great if someone was divorcing an Academy Award-winning blank and didn't want any money, any houses, nothing...just that guys Oscar? My sister's going on about how funny that would be, and I just...totally...agree. Obviously, this Oscar thing happened on the wrong side of the divorce.

Jeremy Renner is so coked up, it's hilarious. Gabourey Sidibe is just a big ol' bucket of sunshine, that one. I do hate, though, how everyone's being so condescending of her. I'm too tired to explain how, just watch the red carpet interviews. You'll know.

G'day. On Independent Spirits...can we just drop the pretense that they're still all about the frugal budget? Or that there's an independent film industry anymore? Great.

EDIT: How could I forget. It was so early, but HAZZAH Christoph Waltz! I love how he always finds new things to say. That guy, he's what we call fucking eloquent. And beard! I love beards!

Now, mustaches...

DOUBLE EDIT: I forget, dear child, the music, which was pretty hilarious, especially that Gigi song for Zoe Saldana and Carey Mulligan. Oh, and the John Hughes thing was a big fuck you to anyone rude enough to die the same year as the director of Pretty in Pink.


Luke said...

Oh man, I was thinking the same thing about the Best Director teaser. I actually said out loud "and three white guys." What it would be like to be those three who NO ONE was rooting for all night... :)

March 8, 2010 at 2:27 PM