The Problem With Letters to Juliet

Sunday, March 28, 2010 2:11 PM By Simon

When I went to see The Runaways, I was of the misfortune to have to sit and watch trailers to Twilight, Cyrus for the fifteenth fucking time, and this, the incredibly fruity looking Letters to Juliet.

Aside from my initial disappointment in Amanda Seyfried, who I find he adorable, and her top 5 favorite movies comendable (here), doing another throwaway romance, I found myself suddenly interest in Gael Garcia Bernal. As we all know, this guy is awesome. He plays the boyfriend of Seyfried, from what I can gather, and it seems like they're in a constant battle to outcute each other. It's a very indecisive war, I say.

But, what's this? Halfway into the trailer, we see our brave hero Sophie begin to bat those eyes of hers at the son of our plot device, Vanessa Redgrave. He is played by some dude named Chris Egan. He, in case you couldn't tell, is extremely blonde. Amanda, too, is extremely blonde. And, he is pulling her away from Bernal! My god, can you imagine all that blonde!?!

I ask you, ladies and gay men, and maybe straight men with some issues: Who would you rather have, Gael Garcia Bernal, or Dude from Home and Away?

(happy fucking boring Sundays, folks)


Dannie said...

You gotta lower the width for the video URL.

March 28, 2010 at 8:36 PM