Quick Thoughts On Children Of Men

Saturday, March 13, 2010 4:03 PM By Simon

Spoilers, dude.

Why are they in such a mad rush to save one baby? For one, just because this one girl can have a child, does not mean all women will be laying eggs anytime soon. Which brings up to point, what will that kid do when the last person on the planet dies? Not a terribly good way to live.

And, okay, these guys in this future, they got off pretty easy. Isntead of humanity being wiped out coldly, brutally, in a pandemic of earthquake or meteor, everyone as of current can, instead, die of old age. Nobody is going right away. It's a slow, unspectacular swan song to humanity. I see why they all suddenly panic--everything they do from now on, every book they write and movie they film and song they record, journal entries, paintings, conversations, all of it will be meaningless in 100 years, when the last person dies and they're left with nothing but a listless planet, half-dead from pollution and war. I get it, it's depressing.

But, on the bright side, no more babies crying on planes! Hurray!


Castor said...

I would have to disagree Simon :) A quick, instantaneous death is the easy way out. There is no worries, false hopes and sadness in the face of the likely outcome. One moment you are alive and the next, you are no more. It's like taking a bullet in the head on the battlefield instead of being injured in the guts and suffering for days.

In the case of Children of Men, everyone would start wondering why there is less and less babies being born. Everyone would start worrying and looking for answers, scientists would be working 24/7 on the problem. Governments would take radical measures to try correct the issue, mere rumors may be enough in the panic to bring the worst in people (like in the movie). The movie picks up 18 years after the last baby was born so everyone is already resigned to their fate. One baby may not mean much but it's a new beginning. Without that first newborn, there is no hope for that second, third and the next ones. Just importantly, it means humanity will live on a bit longer.

March 15, 2010 at 3:44 PM