Thoughts on La Femme Nikita

Saturday, March 27, 2010 1:08 PM By Simon

You know what I just realized? I may be a bit late to the game here, but this entire movie is Manic Pixie Dream Girl from her point of view. I mean, if this had been from Marco (her supermarket casier boyfriend)'s point of view, it would've started when she came barreling down the aisles, cart loaded with food. What he wouldn't have known was that she had had the most money she'd had in years, and was positively giddy at her newfound release and freedom. It would've seemed like she was a free spirit or something. Her real profession would've been the twist that came in this MPDG dramatic romantic comedy.

So, I'm inclined to ask: What does this say about every other Manic Pixie Dream Girl?

Am I now to assume that Elizabethtown's Claire is a cult member on recruit duties? Is Gigantic's Harriet an undercover assassin for the CIA? Is Garden State's Sam a drug-addicted Irish prostitute? How far does this thing go?